tre sekel

A table for Tre Sekel! That was launched at The Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2016.

A new table for the Swedish brand Tre Sekel, come and visit us at B10:05 at Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Emma Olbers presents two products at the exhibition Swedish Design goes Milan 2014!

This is a product for the new brand Tre Sekel that I helped launch in May 2013 and where I have been the creative director. Dagny is a sequel to the sofa Greta and came much of a desire from the consumers on a regular bench. Dagny will be casual. A real every-day product.

from Recidence Magazine. Last fall Tre sekel got the justification The Producer of the Year from the Swedisch magazine Residence.

Home Sweet Home is an artistic interpretation of Swedish and international design icons and their stylistic ideals.

Greta is a contemporary kitchen sofa, inspired by the traditional sofas used in many Swedish kitchens. It is part of the launching collection of the new Swedish brand Tre Sekel (Three Centuries), where I have also worked as creative director.

Even this product is designed for the new Swedish brand Tre Sekel. The idea came up when a conference room in Tibro in southern Sweden would be decorated and there was no stackable chair in wood stacked very short, meaning that the pile of stacked chairs is not very high.

Last May, we launched the new furniture brand Tre Sekel (Three centuries). I worked as creative director. In collaboration with the design office BrittonBritton we are responsible for the overall strategy, branding and product development.