Emma in Milan

Emma Olbers presents two products at the exhibition Swedish Design goes Milan 2014!

During the Salone del Mobile april 8-13 2014 Emma Olbers will exhibit together with forty other designers and companies at Swedish exhibition in the art nouveau palace, la Posteria, in the Brera. This is the official Swedish event during the Milan design week where Business Sweden, Visit Sweden and Svensk Form invites the world to experience today’s Swedish design, food, music and lifestyle through products, opportunities to meet and cuisine to sample.

Emma Olbers designs in Milan:

Greta sofa, Tre Sekel

Greta is a contemporary kitchen sofa, inspired by the traditional sofas used in many Swedish kitchens. It is named after the wife of Herbert, he who started the factory in 1944. The designer Emma Olbers wanted to create a high back sofa that can do without a table in front, one that can grace the entrance.

Greta is part of the launching collection of the new Swedish brand Tre Sekel (Three Centuries), where Emma Olbers has also worked as creative director. Like all the furniture from Tre Sekel it is made of locally grown, high quality birch wood and is produced in a factory in Tibro in southern Sweden. The sofa is hand painted with environmentally friendly egg tempera paint, which was very popular in the 1700s. It is a natural finish consisting of eggs, flax oil, pigments, water and 0.01 percent preservative.


Arnold chair, Tre Sekel

This product is also designed for the new brand Tre Sekel. In the exhibition Swedish Design Goes Milan you can see it around the dinner table. The idea came up when a conference room in Tibro was to be decorated and there were no stackable chair in wood that stacked very high. Tre Sekel and Emma Olbers also wanted a lightweight chair, and then the choice fell naturally on saddle stripes, as it weighs much less than a wooden seat. Emma Olbers has always liked Axel Larsson’s chair with saddle stripes, one that she has at home, beautiful as well as practical. Arnold is a lightweight, practical, elegant and stackable chair that will last a long time.

Earlier this year Emma Olbers got the award Young Designer of the Year from Swedish magazine Elle Decoration, this is Elle´s motivation:

“This year’s rising star is hardly a newcomer to the design world. She has worked extensively as a designer and made ​​many products, but for a long time remained something of an unknown. In recent years however, she has stepped into the spotlight with beautiful products characterized by a strong sense of sustainability. With an unerring sense of quality Emma Olbers shows the way towards sustainable furniture manufacturing.”