Creative Director at Ire

The designer Emma Olbers start as creative director for Ire furniture - with a focus on sustainability.
Emma Olbers began her cooperation with Ire furniture in 2010 and has since made a number of notable furniture for the company, including the eco labeled modular sofa Rejoin, with fine leather details, and launge chair Hanna, which come in a variety of finishes and that will eventually further developed into a series. In her role as a designer environmental thinking has always been central, something that she wants to continue to development at Ire.
- Ire has always stood for quality at all levels and they have always kept their production in Sweden. I want to highlight their environmental thinking further, while I want to work with more interesting Swedish designers, explains Emma.

What does your role as creative director of mean?
- For me it is important that the same set of values ​​permeates all areas of the company, not just when it comes to production and product range, but also when it comes to fairs and pictures. I sit in fabricgroup and the product group and I also work with the market issues. It is important that the values ​​we experience inside the company also communicated outwards.

What values ​​would you like to highlight?
- Ires constant focus on quality, durability and comfort. They make furniture with a long-term focus, not only aesthetically but also functionally. A piece of furniture that holds over time in a home is also sustainable from an environmental perspective.

What are you particularly proud of Ire as a company?
- Craftsmanship, environmental thinking and Swedish production. A large part of production takes place today in Lammhult. They care about their customers, including their clothing warranty, which means that the customer can purchase the same sofa cover in up to ten years after they bought their sofa. Ire is also one of the few companies that has its own large fabric range.

Is there something you feel is particularly important to work with environmentally?
- All manufacturing companies should have durability splash with from square one - it should be included already in their brief to the designer. Since it is important to look for new environmentally sensible materials or using recycled materials as a choice for the majority of CO2 emissions when it comes to furniture - and we shall achieve environmental goals is important.