A new rug for Asplund. The idea of making a rug of an old classic pattern was awakened when I really sat down and looked at old pictures from a trip to Italy. I found a lot of pictures from the cathedral in Orvieto and the basis for this pattern was that paving on the floor there. I worked on with the pattern, added to and removed lines and filled in at various points. Of course you can fill in this pattern in a thousand different ways and have very different expressions. Cubes, stars, stripes and more. It has now been four different rugs of which three are tufted and one woven which you can see here. In the hand-tufted I have made a triptych to show the genious of this pattern. The appearance of it makes you want to look twice or three times since it changes totally depending how you fill in the voids or the lines and makes optical illusions in different ways.

The fourth version is a woven carpet made in natural New Zealand wool with stitched details. It has the same geometrical pattern but is different colour-wise and technique-wise, resembling harmonic Mediterranean tile patterns in soft colours. 

The dimensions of the vowen one is: 80x150, 80x260, 170x240, 200x300

Launched in February 2014

Price: 80x150cm 2400SEK, 80x260cm 4225SEK, 160x240cm 7800SEK och 200x300cm 12 188SEK.

Stores in Sweden: Asplund