One, two, tree!

Designers and architects have traditionally been inspired by nature and used wood as an important design material. Amongst Swedish designers, the popularity of wood has waxed and waned over time – culminating in the hysterical 1970s pine mania, when every kitchen table was made of a thick solid wood top and untreated pine was the finest one could have. But eventually the world had enough! Wood became just about banned by designers for a pretty a long time. Pine-haters took over. However, now, in the tracks of ecological and environmental awareness, the woods have become accepted again and designers – not just in Sweden but everywhere – have taken wood to new heights. This new wave of wood’s popularity is expressed in this summer’s large design exhibition: One, Two, Tree! – Artipelag’s first all-design exhibition. On nearly 13,000 square feet, we let the woods into the living room, mix high with low, house with milking stool, boats with playhouses, and particleboard with hardwood.

Curator: Staffan Bengtsson