Lidö a new outdoor sofa for Skargaarden.

During the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019, Skargaarden launches the new Lidö - an outdoor couch that feels welcoming, neat and flexible, which is designed by Emma Olbers. With its sparse design, it has a given a clear connection to the archipelago.

After Lidö had been ravaged by the Russians in 1719 and the castle was destroyed to the ground, Lidö was bought in 1764 by the Arholma-son Mattias Person-Holmers, captain of the East India Company. On the East India Company, you often sailed two boats at the same time, and some of these trips to China sailed Mattias with Levinius Olbers, Emma's ancestors. Mattias built the present manor house on the grounds of the old stone house. Today, among other things, the China room with it´s exotic wallpaper testifies to his adventurous profession. Today, Lidö is a place where the days are carefree and the evenings in the garden bright and enclosing.

In Emma Olber's outdoor sofa Lidö you can well and well spend a whole summer holiday. With the coffee cup or martini glass. In bathrobe or cocktail dress. For Emma Olbers, one of Sweden's foremost furniture designers, its own connection to the island of Lidö and the landing place on the neighboring island was a source of inspiration:

- Lidö is one of my favorite places in the summer. We take the boat there, eat at the restaurant and walk in the meadows. I wanted to create a welcoming and flexible outdoor furniture. The body's gray color is reminiscent of the nuances of driftwood and even the rope details make it melt into the archipelago environment.

Lidö is a modular system of armchairs that can be separated or built on for a disturbance group of your couches.

- The conditions for our lives are constantly changing. Families grow, guests drop in, we end up in new places. That's why I have made Lidö pretty, accessible and exible, ”explains Emma Olbers.

Lidö's frame is made of aluminum and the cushions are covered in Sunbrella fabric, which has the best features for outdoor use. They are water-repellent and have 100% UV protection. Place Lidö on a wind-swept jetty next to the boathouse, in the backyard or under the cherry tree in the garden. There it can be left standing, if you like, in all weather and during the months of the year. And get new life every year when the spring sun again attracts the summer guests to their beloved Lidö.