A sofa for Ire Mobel. I wanted to make a sofa that could be built further on, something to grow in. I hope that we are evolving from a throwaway culture into buying things that will last. If you know that it is easy to add, move and change clothes, then it’s easier to focus on quality. Join is going to build together in many different ways and is great in entries or large lounges where one can easily build large islands of sofas since the back is straight. It is also easy to redecorate the home or adding more parts if you would like a larger or smaller sofa later on. It always has removable fabric covers.

Ires Mobels story began back in 1939. The company’s basic concept has remained intact over the years - to create furniture with timeless design, clean lines and durable quality.

Ire Mobels furniture is environmental and handcrafted in Tibro in southern Sweden. The raw materials for furniture construction are sourced locally and the fabrics are from the leading weavers in Europe. It is important for Ire Mobel to produce close to our main markets. They work wholeheartedly for conducting business in an ethically responsible manner with as little impact as possible on the environment. Since November 2010, Ire Mobel are certified according to ISO 14001.

The name comes from that it can be connected.

The dimensions of one section of the sofa are 90 cm wide, 90 cm deep and 86 cm high.

Launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011.

Price on a Join-section is from 11,050 SEK-13,710 SEK

Stores in Sweden: Olsson & Gerthel, Länna Möbler