Ire stand 2013

Since the stand in 2012 felt so successful, we wanted to do something in the same direction. The studio trend was still in the air but in the fashion you could feel the 80’s and in several collections, they were using klein blue. So I suggested a blue theme. I then also had a craving for dark walls. I do not know if it was as successful as the previous year, the blue were maybe not so big yet for the interior design world. We also took in pictures from the factory but this year much morethan the year before. I think a stand gets a completely different depth if you can feel the anchor to the factory.

Ires Mobels story began back in 1939. The company’s basic concept has remained intact over the years - to create furniture with timeless design, clean lines and durable quality.

Ire Mobels furniture is environmental and handcrafted in Tibro in southern Sweden. The raw materials for furniture construction are sourced locally and the fabrics are from the leading weavers in Europe. It is important for Ire Mobel to produce close to our main markets. They work wholeheartedly for conducting business in an ethically responsible manner with as little impact as possible on the environment. Since November 2010, Ire Mobel are certified according to ISO 14001.