Ida is a new chair for Tre Sekel, an followers to Greta.

Tre Sekel makes all the furniture in locally grown high quality birch wood grown in Dalarna, Västergötland and Värmland. The wood has been cut at a sawmill in Alingsås which Tre Sekel has worked with for generations. They select the best birch to make extra strong and durable furniture. Another advantage of the Swedish birch is that there is no risk of it breaking off handsomely as can happen with timber moving between different climates. After the wood has been cut in Alingsås shipped to Tibro, about two hours away, the entire sofa is manufactured in the factory in Tibro. It is then painted by hand with egg tempera, a completely natural finish consisting of eggs, flax oil , pigments, water and 0.01 percent preservative – only the minimum needed for the paint to survive in room temperature without rotting. This type of finish has been around for about 1,000 years and was very popular during the 1700s. It just keeps getting stronger with each passing year.