Character Collection

Ire´s new design collection Character Collection, which I have been creative director for, is a tribute to the personal expression. The collection consists of four armchairs with completely different expressions. This year we decided to pay tribute to the armchair and celebrate the personal expression. With the starting point in Västergötland, where we are situated.

We invited the design studios Front, Broberg & Ridderstråle and Andreas Engesvik to Ire´s factory in Tibro in the south of Sweden. We showed them our expertise, and our ongoing investment in craftsmanship and sustainability, and asked them to challenge us with an armchair each. The final result is a versatile collection both in terms of function and expression - a true collection of characters - which we are very proud of. There is the large casual armchair, a perfect fit for the relaxed holiday retreat, and the sheltering easy chair for those in need of peace and quiet. There is the updated club chair and the distinct character inspired by classic weaving techniques.The four armchairs are named after four strong characters from Västergötland - Agnes, Agda, Eva and Estrid.

When designing furniture for the living room it’s common to start with the sofa, which eventually extends into a series to include a matching armchair. We wanted to turn that idea around and start at the other end, focusing on the identity of the armchair first. In a time where we cherish the personal and eclectic choice - and mix everything from porcelain to patterns - it feels natural to bring the same vocabulary to the furniture world.

With the Character Collection we want to create a new generation of soft seating where traditional craftsmanship and high sustainable requirements meet Scandinavian innovation and design.